Who doesn’t cherish a good body (both men and women)? You do so much to gain muscles and stay fit-you hit gym every day, and not to forget the mammoth amount of protein powders that you consume. One thing that has remained a trend in bodybuilding after “bodybuilding products” surfaced is “quick results.”

Everybody seems to jump on the “quick bodybuilding” bandwagon without any second thought. But, what most people forget is that bodybuilding is more than just some bulky muscles, it’s a lifestyle. However, bodybuilding too has become a tool to show off to the opposite sex or perhaps expressing one’s dominant status over the other fellow being.

Proper bodybuilding requires disciple and most importantly routine. The key to any effective bodybuilding requires “strict routine.” This can include effective and regular exercise regime, and maintaining a strict diet, as opposed to shoving enormous amount of bodybuilding catalyst products to enhance your bodybuilding process.

Below are the best and the most effective bodybuilding techniques/tips

Proper diet

Bodybuilding is more than just hitting gyms and lifting heavy objects. If you’re serious about bodybuilding, you need to start from scratch, and the most basic element in bodybuilding is your diet. A proper diet will do more than what you may think of it. Natural food products go a long way to help you gain the right of nutrients that your body requires in order to develop in the way you want.

All your hard work in the gym goes down the drain if you don’t have a proper diet. With a wrong diet, you’re just sabotaging your daylong effort and sweat without any realization. Due to the magnitude of impact that diet has on bodybuilding, many professional bodybuilders recommend strict diet routine over anything else.

Here are some of the most recommended and best/effective bodybuilding foods that you need to adopt for efficient bodybuilding

  • Egg Whites

It’s not a myth; egg whites do affect your body development in the most effective way. The nutrient available in egg whites is probably one of the best body-aiding elements. The most relevant nutrient that contributes to your bodybuilding process is “protein.” Egg white has the best protein content ratio amongst all food items. It has 60:1 (protein: fat ratio) which makes it an ideal dieting food item to incorporate on your diet plans. In fact, egg whites are one of the most intrinsic sources of protein in the world.

  • Chicken Breast

Chicken apart from being one of the most delicious meals also has its bodybuilding benefits. It has a very low percentage of saturated fats and high amount of protein which again makes it a must food item for your diet plans

  • Fish

Fish (Salmon in particular) is a good source of protein and unsaturated fats as well. The fats that you want to avoid is saturated fats, but unsaturated fats are considered as useful fats, and they have been proved to help significantly in muscle building

  • Beans

Meats are not the only source of muscle building. Beans are one of the best bodybuilding food items containing rich amounts of proteins and fiber

  • Lean Red Meat

Red meats are also a good source of protein as well. Apart from protein, Red meats are also rich in Vitamin B, zinc, iron, etc. But, they have a good amount of fats as well, so you shouldn’t incorporate it on a daily basis

  • Yogurt

Yogurts have a rich percentage of whey protein, which is the purest and the best form of protein available. Whey protein is the most effective mineral that contributes to your muscle development

  • Water

Okay, water has got nothing to do with protein or any other nutrients, but it contains, well, water. Staying hydrated is such a monotonous process people tend to take that for granted, but you shouldn’t. Staying hydrated is one the basic element id    

Other food products that have good sources of good protein are –

  • Turkey breast
  • Soya beans
  • Shrimp
  • Quark

Basically, you want to consume anything that has a high amount of protein. Apart from protein, some of the nutrients that contribute positively to your muscle building are Carbs aka Carbohydrates and unsaturated fats. What you want to avoid are foods that have high saturated fats percentage. Some of the food items that have a high amount of saturated fats are –

  • Pork
  • Butter
  • Cheese
  • Ice cream
  • Lamb
  • Fatty beef

Avoid all the above foods or keep your consumption to a minimal amount. These food items can derail all your efforts in one bite, literally!

Now with all this information, you cannot assume these food items to do miraculous things for your bodybuilding. Yes, they have nutrients that are effective in helping you gain that physique that you’re training for, but the key to making optimal use of these foods is “routine diet.”

Random consumption will never get you anywhere. The effect of diet is always determined by whether it’s a regular or random process. If you consume balanced food as a regular diet, it compliments your exercise regime. This, in turn, helps your body to perfectly balance out that stressful exercise with the right amount of nutrition. The benefits of a regular balanced diet have been testified by many competitive/professional bodybuilders. It’s not enough to eat just healthy foods, but doing that on a regular basis is the key to a successful bodybuilding diet.     

In fact, there have been a lot of arguments amongst bodybuilding enthusiasts that right nutrition may play a bigger role than an exercise in muscle building. But, that, of course, remains a topic that has too many variables and opinions to come to a definite conclusion.   

Training Methods

The two most vital factors in body buildings are proper diet plans and good training. These two things should always be coherent with each other. A diet plan no matter how strict or healthy it may be cannot produce effective results if it’s not followed with an effective training regime.

The bodybuilding training method is more than just lifting dumbbells all day long. There are some certain training/exercise methods that produce the most effective results. Contrary to popular beliefs, bodybuilding workouts don’t necessarily have to be “lift the truck” kind of difficulty. There are certain procedures or a set of specific workout routine that produces effective results when executed properly

In brief, the different forms of training that are effective for different parts of the body includes –

  • Shoulders

Compound training: good compound training exercises for shoulders are Arnold press, Military press, seated dumbbell press, and behind the neck press

Isolation training: effective isolation training for shoulders are the anterior rise and medial rise, facepulls and rear deltoid rises.

  • Legs

Compound training: Bulgarian split range, straight´leg deadlift, and Barbell squat

Isolation training: leg extension, calf raise, Hip thrusters, and hamstring curl

  • Arms

Compound training: seated bicep curl, barbell bicep curl, and close grip bench press

Isolation training: Rope tricep pushdown, concentrated bicep curls & overhead cable curl.

  • Chest

Compound training: Bench press, Dumbell chest presses

Isolation training: dumbbell chest fly, cable crossover

  • Traps/Back

Compound training: barbell shrug, bent over barbell, upright row, and pull up

Isolation training: standing pull down, lat pull down  

  • Abdominals

The best and the most effective training methods for gaining good abdominal muscles are weighted rope pull down, Russian twist, and hanging leg raises

These are some of best training methods that focus particularly on a specific area of your body. But, they are only effective for a small scale training method. Some of the high-demanding training regimes to gain effective muscles are as follows –

  • Lightweight Sets

As stated before, bodybuilding training methods don’t necessarily have to be an energy draining or pose too much stress on your body. The lightweight set can help you trigger your slow and light muscles fibers. Most people do the heavy lifting to increase their fast-twitch muscles, but slow-twitch muscles are just relevant, so don’t ignore your “other muscle.”

Include lightweight sets into your exercise regime at least once a week to see significant changes

  • Eccentric sets

It’s no secret that lifting sets triggers heavy muscle capacity. Some of the training methods included in these sets are squat, bench press, deadlift, etc. Its never an easy task to perform lifting exercises, and science is on its side as well. While lifting you’re moving the object against the gravity, and hence you require more stress to perform the action. The tension caused to your body, in turn, produces more muscle-developing nutrients/proteins in your body

  • Drop sets

Drop sets aka descending set is a training method that involves performing any kind of lifting exercise and then pause to remove all the strength you use for lifting. You then proceed to drop some pounds and repeat that process multiple times.

This particular training method was the personal choice of training for Arnold Schwarzenegger when he used to do heavy body lifting back in the days. Drop sets contribute positively to your muscle growth by increasing the number of metabolic stress in your body

  • High Reps

High reps are also an effective way of gaining muscles by allowing you to achieve pumps. Those lumps or swollen muscles that you feel while doing heavy Reps are a significant sign that your muscles are swollen due to excess tension. These lumps are not just some temporary muscles. They are a result of your blood and muscles combining with each other. Hence your muscles stretch to allow proper blood flow. This may be too much science for you, but the simple thing is – all that process is beneficial for your muscle growth.

The third thing that is as much as relevant as proper diet and effective training methods is “consistency.” All the painful and physically stressful training and strict diet becomes irrelevant if you aren’t following your routine consistently. Consistency is the key to draw out optimal positive results from all that muscle-building activities

Role of Consistency in Your Bodybuilding

It’s quite easy to see how consistency can be both the easiest yet the hardest part of gaining muscles. For one, it doesn’t require any physical stress. It’s just about performing a set of effective exercise and following a healthy diet on a regular basis. People tend to focus more on physical exercise or just eating high-protein foods, as they make you feel the difference. But, in reality, it’s the “third factor” that deals the most effect. Any professional bodybuilder will tell you that the secret of their great physique is “consistent” training and diet.

People have dumped the idea of keeping a consistent routine to achieve the required physique, but that’s primarily because there are so much enhancement products available. But, excess use of supplements or other muscle enhancement products will only prove to be more harmful in later stages. There are many health complications related to using excess protein powders and other muscle building supplements. They should be treated as a secondary mean to accelerate your natural diet plans and work out process.

Work out a clear idea about your diet and exercise regime as well, and try to keep that routine a consistent one to develop maximum benefits. Also, one crucial factor that is largely misunderstood is changing diet plans or training frequently. If you jump from one routine to another randomly, it’s going to affect your bodybuilding in the most disclaiming way. That’s the whole point of remaining consistent. Work out an efficient routine and stick with it no matter what.

It may be a difficult task to keep up within the initial stages, but after you get the hang of it (a couple of weeks), it will become a daily routine. In fact, it becomes so monotonous and familiar that you end up performing the process even without thinking about it. You just have to convince yourself and remind yourself of the positive results of consistency in your bodybuilding process.

One minor yet effective part of effective training is proper clothing. It’s not a coincidence that you don’t see people wearing pajamas and random t-shirts in gyms. Proper clothing contributes a lot towards helping you to work out properly without having to deal with uncomfortable clothes. We at testoriginal have a wide range of clothing’s that are ideal for long duration workouts. In fact, many well-known bodybuilders recommend our gym wears and wears them personally for intense work-outs as well.